Attacks on Paris—Update from our Church Family

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Larissa Tenorio
November 13, 2015
We have received confirmation from Brother Marcos Valério who states that so far all of our brethren whom he has contacted were asleep in their homes during the attack. He has recommended our brethren not expose themselves today, specifically those dependent on public transport.

On Friday, November 13, Paris was once more under attack. News sources have confirmed that over 100 individuals were confirmed dead, and dozens were injured. At the time of this posting, we are awaiting news from our Pastor in the area—Bro. Marcos Valério.


So far we have only received updates from a few of our members in the area stating they are well. We thank God for His Sabbath day, and that many of our brethren were safely at home. We will update this post as more information arrives. 


Meanwhile, our prayers go out to those who lost their loved ones and to our church family who will certainly endure the repercussions of a terror stricken city. 


Updated—November 14, 6:34am EST

We have received contact from Pastor Marcos Valério from the area in which he states the following:


"I have just now seen the tragedies that occurred in Paris. I have called some of our brethren from Paris, and have found that no one from our church was directly affected in these attacks.


Our church is approximately 35km (22 miles) away from downtown Paris, and nearby there's an international airport. However, our church and the surrounding area are all well.


As for today's meetings in our church, I have recommended to our brethren to not expose themselves, and that those who depend on public transport should stay at home. 


We have a few members and interested individuals who live in downtown Paris and very close to the place of a few of the attacks. However, thank God all were asleep during the attacks. 


Today I will be in Geneva, but we do not know if we will be able to pass through the border with Switzerland, as the French borders have been closed.


I will keep you updated.


To you all, a Happy Sabbath.


Marcos Valerio.